M.A.P.S Clinic




Plastic and reconstructive surgery specialty is the specialty that restores form and function to the human body and consists of several surgical and medical fields. Our clinic offers general plastic surigcal intervention, as well as aesthetic surgery and medicine, reconstructive surgery, surgery of complex and chronic wounds, burn surgery, hand therapy and micro-vascular/micro-neural surgery.


reconstructive surgery


- ٍSkin tumors surgery

- Post burn scar surgery

- Cleft lip and cleft palate surgery

- Scalp and forehead reconstruction

- Eyelids reconstruction correction of eyelid drooping

- Nasal deformity reconstruction

- Facial tissue reconstruction

- Ear deformity reconstruction

- Lip Reconstruction

- Soft tissue reconstruction of the trunk

- Postmastectomy  breast reconstruction

- Gynecomastia Surgery

- Soft tissue reconstruction of the lower limb

- Complex wound reconstruction


hand and microsurgery


- Nerve surgery of the hand and upper limb

- Tendon repair of the hand

- Hand Fracture treatment

- Tendon and muscle transfer in the upper limb

- Management of spastic hand

- Management of mutilating hand injury

- Management of congenital hand abnormalities

- Microvascular repair of the vessels of the hand

- Free flap surgery ( microvascular- microneural anastomosis)



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aeSthetic surgery and medicine


- Rhinoplasty

- Tissue augmentation with fat graft

- Blepharoplasty

- Breast augmentation

- Jowl surgery

- Breast reduction

- Breast  Augmentation

- Breast lift

- Liposculpture

- Facelift and foreheadplasty

- Abdominoplasty

- Bracheoplasty

- Thigh lift

- buttocks Augmentation

- Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery

- botox, filler, PRP, and mesotherapy